Logic Apps: Building a “bad PR” handler

Logic Apps are an interesting new Azure feature to build logically connected flows with sequences of logic happening in logical order. The possibilities are almost endless and you can extend it with own api/logic components if needed. You can use it to do orchestration-like integrations also (consider an http endpoint receiving XML post, schema validation,… Continue reading Logic Apps: Building a “bad PR” handler

Azure Service Updates 2015-10-02 Summarized

Much of the below is known for the AzureCon 2015 visitors but I will summarize the info from Microsoft below. Azure HDInsight makes Apache Hadoop on Linux generally available: For those planning to use Linux as Hadoop clusters for handling big data information this is generally available and will have its SLA levels guaranteed. Azure… Continue reading Azure Service Updates 2015-10-02 Summarized

AzureCon 2015: SQL Data Warehouse

One of the topics highlighted on the AzureCon virtual conference was the data warehouse functionality. A true high performing giant size data warehouse running as a service (PaaS) in Azure (with all the benefits of not needing to create VMs, setting up load balancing etc as the IaaS services). It gives you the possibility to use sources… Continue reading AzureCon 2015: SQL Data Warehouse

Windows Azure Service Bus AMQP Firewall Ports

(moved from petermannerhultsitblog.wordpress.com – originally dated October 23, 2014 ) Today I would like to share an addition to the documentation for Windows Azure Service Bus. I will start by explaining the different types of errors that you may receive and the different modes to connect to the service bus. Azure Service Bus is meant to… Continue reading Windows Azure Service Bus AMQP Firewall Ports