Peter Mannerhult

My name is Peter Mannerhult and I am an experienced architect/developer for Microsoft Azure solutions. This blog is for sharing thoughts, information, how to’s etc.

I have been working as a solution architect for Microsoft based solutions since 1995.

Employment When
Consid AB August 2018 –
Stratiteq Sverige AB August 2016 – July 2018
Sogeti Sweden AB / capgemini August 1995 – July 2016


I am (since August 2018) employed at Consid AB in Helsingborg, Sweden where I will continue to work building great Azure based solutions. I don’t freelance as such, but as Consid is an IT consultancy firm you can query about my services through this blog (I will in that case forward your requests to sales dept.) or you may contact Consid directly (http://www.consid.se/) for Azure consultancy by me or other suitable colleague.

It should however be noted that this blog is my personal and is completely independent and does not necessarily reflect the opinions of my current or any previous employers.

Since Azure was introduced I have found the platform really inviting and as with everything else from Microsoft it is very easy to get started and the tools and Visual Studio makes building cloud solutions very easy and you can concentrate on logic rather than infrastructure. However, I have seen many bad examples of solutions deployed in Azure where no thoughts on how the applications are optimized for cloud usage, wrong choice of components (often just VM usage without considering the excellent platform services), non cost efficient solutions, poorly performing applications and critical applications without backup or failover options etc. are some of the things I have seen.

The goal of this blog is to highlight new features, share some best practises and recommendations that can simplify design and allow cloud optimized solutions (with focus on the Microsoft Azure platform). It will be a mix of architectural, problem solving as well as more deep-dive posts.

Feel free to comment on the posts, you can agree and disagree as long as we keep it professional. Due to common internet behavior (trolls, spam etc.) I will manually accept your comments which may take between an hour or in worst case a couple of days before I approve them. But as long as you are serious and courteous – expect your comments to be approved.



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